Welcome to Chittagong University College Student Forum. This site is open for all guys who were the student of Chittagong University College. If you are the right person you are permitted to enlist yourself in this site for a membership of this forum. You will be considered as a member after verification by the authority. So don't try to be a member of this forum if you are not a right person. After submission of your profile the authority will communicate with you by phone or email for verification so at least 24 hours is needed for final approval. We highly appreciate to join all previous and upcoming passing students of this College as a member. Our mission is to gather all College friends in the same platform and vision is to derive our next generation in the proper track by our activities.

How to enlist: If you click on "New Member" button from right side panel a form will appear on your screen. Please fill the form by necessary information and click on "Request" button for submission. After submission it will go for verification and approved as a member if the information remains correct. You will be received a password by mail when you are considered as a member. By the ID and password you are authorized to modify your profile any time.

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